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Power Protection

Protect your home, business or industrial infrastructure from power surges and prevent glitches in your devices with high-quality, effective power protection products. PowerCom Solutions only provides the best products in the realm of power protection.

What are power protection products?

Power protection products are electrical protection devices designed to prevent electrical mishaps like power surges affecting your devices or noise in busy electrical lines affecting the performance of your devices.

Surge protection is ideal for protecting appliances and devices from damage in the case of a power surge. A power surge can damage electrical components or switchboards as the flow of electricity is too intense.

Power filters work to filter the electricity coming through a line. Devices like computers can lock up when too much power travels through a line. Power filters allow these devices to perform at their best.

What applications are power protection products suitable for?

Power protection devices like surge protectors and power filters come in a variety of different specifications to adapt to any application. These can be used in domestic settings like home offices and for white goods or in commercial applications, such as large office buildings.

Of course, industrial infrastructure will have a host of benefits from these devices as well, protecting applications such as processing plants.

Why is power protection necessary?

The original intent of electricity was for lighting, and so when electricity travels through wires, it heats them up — which is how the traditional lightbulb works. Today, though, we use electricity in so many different applications. Modern devices and appliances, such as computers, can glitch with this traditional source of electricity.

Power filters ensure the electricity comes through at the right voltage, avoiding those glitches and ensuring the electricity is fit for purpose.

Surge protectors are necessary to protect appliances from an overload of electricity. In scenarios like storms or mishaps where a power surge occurs, it’s essential your appliances are protected to avoid damage.

Why trust PowerCom Solutions for your power protection products?

Premier Novaris distributor

The PowerCom team is a premier distributor of Novaris power protection products. We maintain positive relationships with all of our suppliers, including Novaris, so we can continue to bring you the best products in the industry.

30+ years of real expertise

Our products are backed by real expertise. We understand you and your requirements, and we have expert knowledge in each of our products and their applications. We’re here to support you through the selection process for your products.

Quick quotes & responsive service

Quality customer service matters, that’s why our team commits to providing you with responsive service, always providing real support in tight timeframes. When you need a quote, you can rely on us to get it back to you ASAP.

Top-quality products

With our expertise in the industry and in the products we provide, we know what matters most to you, and we do our research to ensure the products we provide are the very best. We wouldn’t sell a product we didn’t back.

Quality products. Reliable support.

PowerCom Solutions is the team backed by more than 30 years of experience in power protection products. Our friendly team will help you find the right product for your organisation.