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Special Products

We offer a variety of power protection products for niche and specific industries that call for highly unique equipment. From water meter protectors to solar panel protection and wind turbine protection.

What kind of products are included in the special products category?

Our special products include power protection and electrical products such as indicator panels, testing equipment, counters and bonding products like clamps. These products are specifically designed for industrial purposes — solar panel protection products, wind turbine protection, and water meter protection for irrigation systems.

Why are these products necessary?

The industries that benefit from our special products are highly specialised fields that call for their own unique power protection products. The stakes are higher for power protection in these industries. In a solar farm or wind farm, a power surge could wreak havoc and damage the equipment used for that power collection.

These applications are particularly vulnerable to power surges caused by lightning strikes. Not only is the equipment exposed, but the various systems used in tandem with the equipment can be damaged, too, causing catastrophic results.

Why trust PowerCom Solutions for your special product requirements?

Premier Novaris supplier

We’re a highly reputable supplier of these specialist power protection products. It comes back to how our team endeavours to only provide the very best. We’re a premier supplier of Novaris products and maintain a positive working relationship to pass the benefits onto you.

Top-quality products

We only provide the best products to get the job done right. With an electrical engineer on our team and technicians with decades of experience in the industry, we know power protection well. Our expertise guides us as we hand-select the best products for your application.

Quick quotes and responsive service

We’re highly responsive, and that includes in how we provide our service to you, offer you advice, and in our quoting. We know that often when you need a quote, you need it delivered fast. We endeavour to get back to you ASAP.

30+ years of expertise

We’ve been in business since 1989. Our 30+ years in the industry mean we offer a high level of expertise in the power protection industry. Whether you’re a business owner or an electrician, we’re happy to support you with expert guidance and friendly service.

Quality products. Reliable support.

PowerCom Solutions is the team backed by more than 30 years of experience in power protection products. Our friendly team will help you find the right product for your organisation.