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Rail Applications

Railways and applications operate with a much higher voltage of electricity. This, of course, calls for a higher level of power protection and a range of suitable products.

What power protection products are used in rail applications?

To avoid damage or downtime in railways, power supply protection is paramount. PowerCom Solutions sells a range of power protection products specifically designed for these applications. From surge filters and surge diverters, which protect power supplies from lightning strikes, to earth clamps and coaxial cables.

Why are power protection products necessary for rail applications?

It’s so important that railways are able to provide safe, reliable transport. Whether that’s for the general public as part of a public transport system, or for industrial applications. Lightning-induced power surges can cause chaos for a rail line, and the effects can last much longer than a typical surge or power outage.

These events also come with risks. Rail lines are exposed and much more susceptible to serious damage in the case of storms. These power protection products are essential to protect network equipment.

Why trust PowerCom Solutions for your rail application’s products?

Premier Novaris supplier

Railway applications call for the best in power protection products. We only supply products we back and that includes the Novaris range. We’re premier suppliers of Novaris with a positive working relationship.

Quality & heat-safe products

When it comes to your power protection for railway applications, it’s absolutely essential that it’s heat-safe. We provide purpose-built power protection products that can safely operate in the sun, even on the hottest of days.

Quick quotes and responsive service

We’re big on providing responsive service to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. That means getting back to you quickly and providing short turnaround times on your requested quotes.

30+ years of expertise

We’ve been in the industry since 1989. Our 30+ years of industry experience means we know power protection and are here to provide you with expert guidance on these products.

Quality products. Reliable support.

PowerCom Solutions is the team backed by more than 30 years of experience in power protection products. Our friendly team will help you find the right product for your organisation.