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A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is designed to ensure your electrical equipment or computer systems are operating during a power failure.

Some UPS come on line when a power disturbance has been detected (Interactive) while others are continually on line (On Line).

Line Interactive UPS has the input connected via an auto transformer to provide buck & boost to the load. The Interactive UPS is most commonly used in the low power market (to 3kVA) and has a cost advantage. The equipment being protected (e.g. small computers) must be able to withstand a slight break in the UPS output while the switch from mains to inverter is performed.

For critical applications, the “True” On Line UPS provides isolation from the mains power supply and no-break when the power is cut.

Features for either UPS type include operating system-UPS interface connectors, which during blackouts allow an automatic shutdown to be performed by the unattended computer without loss of data.

Many UPS’s come with this ‘shutdown’ software supplied at no additional cost.

Other Brands and models than those featured on this site available on application.


Available Option:

Conformal Coating for UPS PC Boards In harsh environments, such as proximity to salt laden air or chlorine gas, etc, corrosion of the PCB’s can be an issue, regardless of UPS brand or model. This is not covered under warranty as this is an environmental issue outside the scope of a ‘normal’ UPS environment. If the above UPS is likely to be exposed to these conditions we recommend that Conformal Coating of the PCB’s be done in the factory before dispatch of the UPS….

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